Crystal Shapes

Crystal Shapes

Crystal shapes and their meanings

Tumbled Stones –

The most commonly available leaving the stones shiny and smooth, this form radiates energy gently and in many different directions.  These stones are great to carry with you, place around your home and can be placed directly on your Chakras or used for grid work.  Tumbled stones are also great stones for the crystal beginner.


Pyramids –

Pyramids direct energy ad anchor energy.  They stabilize earth energies while enhancing and directing energies out of the apex (top point of the pyramid).  Pyramids work well around your space, such as your home of office. They are also great stones to use in the center of a crystal grid because they will amplify the intention of the grid and raise the vibration.  Smaller pyramids can also be used in Chakra work by placing them directly over the Chakra points on the body.


Spheres – Also known as Crystal Balls. 

Spheres radiate energy evenly in all directions.  They are connected to the moon, other planets and earth.  Spheres are great to use in Third Eye Chakra work because they open the Third Eye which helps people connect to their intuition.  Spheres are a great stone to keep in your space because they bring in the energies of harmony, protection and psychic development.


Hearts –

Crystal shaped hearts represent love, our heart and connect energies with our Heart Chakra.  Heart Crystals can be placed over the Heart Chakra or carried with you.  Larger ones can be placed around your home, office or used in grid work to help attract love, self-love or a new relationship.  Crystal hearts can also heal your heart and emotional wounds along with bringing balance and harmony to relationships in your life. 


Towers/Points –

Crystal towers/points can be cut or formed naturally.  They direct and focus the energy out of the point.  This helps amplify energy and intentions, they also raise the vibration of its location.  Towers/Points are great stones to use in any alter work, grid or in the corners of your homes, offices or sacred spaces.  For example, I have selenite towers in every corner of each room in my home as a grid for protection.


Crystal Angels –

Crystal Angels anchor angelic energies which helps you connect with Angels, Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels.  These too can be carried with you or placed around your home or any other spaces.  Crystal Angels are great to put on your altar or in a healing space because of they raise your vibrations and connect you to the angelic realm.


Wands –

Crystal wands are mainly used to direct energies of that crystal into a persons aura or chakra and are commonly used in Reiki.  They are great to use to draw off any negative energies which commonly affect the aura and chakras.


Eggs –

Crystal Eggs are used to help heal, strengthen or shield the aura.  The egg shapes help channel energy of renewal, personal transformation and the support of new beginnings.  Eggs Crystals are great to hold during meditation because they fit perfectly in  the palms of your hands.


Skulls –

Crystal Skulls (the most bad*ss shape of them all in my opinion), are known to help us connect with Spirit Guides or our Ancestors.  They can also be used to work towards healing, protection and channeling guidance or ancient knowledge.



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